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August 19, 2007

One problem solved, but a new worse problem

By tweaking the padding in my Skito pad I think I've got the saddle lifted off the withers enough to not be a problem anymore. However at the gallop she is interfering and hitting one hind pastern hard. It was nicked and bleeding. She wasn't wearing boots tonight so I can't blame it on that. She paddles bad on the back, I guess I'm gonna have to find some kind of protective boots to put on her hind legs. Can't have her whacking herself up. Terribly hot and humid here again (Indiana) I was covered in sweat and she was dripping when we got home from 6 more miles. We had four wheelers out on the trail tonight to deal with and I'm sorry but I HATE THOSE BLASTED THINGS. So we had to get off trail and wait and keep our ears tuned to where they were coming from. I think Puddin' needs a few days off. Will try riding again maybe Wednesday after she's had some rest.

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