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August 21, 2007

Puddin's still on vacation

Got to adding up her miles....and...well....she had done 50 miles over a seven day period. It's heating up again, so I figure the old girl needs some downtime. Soon as the heat breaks we will step up to an all day ride with a break in the middle. Want to see how she responds to five hours under saddle at the endurance pace. The last time we were out she did really well enough I thought she could have gone back out. I'll have to do an early morning ride and go from there. I'll try to pace fast the first half and just take it easy the second half. Next time I'll try the opposite and see which is best for her.

Her wool back pad came today. As usual the Skito pad is beautiful, more so than the photo. The wool has a different feel to it, kind of springy! So we'll be testing it next time out too. I'll have to bring along some shims just in case the pad thickness isn't enough. She's lost a little weight over the past thirty days. Still looks good but will have to stay on top of it so she doesn't lose any more.

We are still in a serious drought her in the midwest. Pastures burned up, no hay to be had at any price....corn fields are going to minimal yield compared to a normal season. We don't have nuts on the trees. Squirrels are risking life and limb to come into the yard with our boxer dogs to get a puny little green apple just to have something to eat. Off topic, but I worry about all the animals. Horses going to sales and selling for $10 a head? Makes me sick. We will have to really ration hay this year to get our three through. Reckon they will be eating a lot of bagged feed and beet pulp. Worries, worries....~Endurance Granny

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