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August 17, 2007

11.5 miles today, worked on speed

Loop A: 7.5 miles, flat to slightly hilly, some muddy bogs. Time: 1 hour 5 minutes.

Loop B: 4 miles, hilly, some muddy slick spots. Time 55 minutes.

Total mileage 11.5 miles total time 2 about.....5.75 miles per hour (moaning with agony, just can't seem to get my speed up to that 6 mph average. We haven't started cantering much as I'm afraid she'll burn out too fast if we start driving with the large muscles and work non-aerobic.

She somehow scraped her back hock, don't know if she did it in the trailer or out on the trail, she has an interference mark on her right rear pastern, looks like the foot came forward and clipped the darned screws on her Easy Boot Epics, she also has a rub on her withers. She's lost a little weight and her saddle is riding down lower on the withers. I'm really going to have to deal with that somehow. No time or money for saddle #3 right now. I'll have to experiment with her pads and saddle placement.

Puddin' moved out really nice today, very little balking and picked the trot right back up after a downhill, so we kept a pretty even ride pace until the last 4 miles. She was slipping around on some of those hills in her boots and no way around it we had to slow down, or fall down. She drank once out of a stream about five or six swallows and refused to drink after that until we got back to the trailer. Then she wouldn't drink out of her bucket, but did drink a little from the garden hose. Today or tomorrow she will get a hoof trim. She continues to chip bad on that left front hoof. I'm protecting it with a boot and vet wrap, she's on a good feed with biotin. Not sure what else to do. May go back to Nutrena feeds, seems like the hoof walls were more elastic and pliable on Nutrena. Her body condition looks good with Kent feed, but her hooves....not so good. It may not be feed at all, may just be the fact that we are eleven inches short on rain fall and the hooves have no moisture left in them?

Tired...happy....probably ride a fast short ride tomorrow. ~Endurance Granny

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