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August 16, 2007


Yes, thank God it's Thursday, since neither Barb, nor Doug, or I have to work tomorrow. Doug has his own plans and I've got my gear together to hitch a ride with Barb tomorrow for our ride at Versailles. We got some rain here, speed will depend on trail conditions. Not sure if we should work on speed, or work on distance. I'm so hooked on trotting at this point that walking the trail is like purgatory....we....are....moving....too.....S.....L....O....W.

Need to find me an inexpensive pedometer and walk our trail loop. Barb and I are in serious (but friendly) disagreement about the distance. She thinks the loop can't be much over two miles. But if we are trotting 90% of the time and it takes an hour to complete, seems like it should be 5-6 miles minimum. We also throw in 3 loops of the trotting track which alone is equal to 1 mile because I drove my car down there and measured it. Need to work that out so we are sure of our conditioning distance during the week. In a straight line that trail would be about a mile and half out, and a mile and half back. However there is nothing straight about it. It zigs to the left, runs straight, zags to the right, up a big hill to the top of a ridge, off to the left again and then runs straight through the woods, a field and back to the creek, then up another big hill, across another ridge to the right, turns to the left and circles a camp, drops down a hill, off to the left again and onto the trotting track, back to the left and up one more big hill, turn right and zig zag through a single track trail up and down back and forth, back up to the top of a hill, dropping down and then up to another ridge gets you to about a half mile from where you started. It is a very twisting convuluted trail. In a worse case scenerio if a horse walked 3 mph, and it takes an hour that is at least 3 miles. Trotting at 5 mph for an hour would be five miles....BARB IT CAN'T BE TWO!!! Just can't! She's gonna make me walk it.~Endurance Granny

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