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July 25, 2007

Working on Puddin's hooves today

She had a small chip out of the toe on her front left hoof. Mixed up some crack sealer and put a small amount on the toe and let it harden. Used a flexible sanding block and smoothed it out. Her hooves really look great considering in the past twelve months she carried me over 700 noncompetitive miles. Only the one chip and she did that having a royal hissy fit in a creek bed a few weeks ago. When she is not a happy camper she stamps her feet and she did this on a rock :-/ hence the chip. So I've treated her toes on both front feet with a crack sealer that hardens in hopes that she won't develop any more chips. This is the first time it has been an issue and I attribute the brittleness of her hooves to the extraordinary dry weather we have had. Puddin' is well supplemented and gets a high quality feed, and lots of yummy natural treats (carrots, apples, sunflower) and is on 24/7 turnout in warm weather. The old girl does have some underlying health issues, but all in all, she is probably in the best condition of her life all things considered. Certainly better shape than I am in....she can trot like the Energizer bunny....while I am fighting for air and my bad knee is screaming STOP!!!

This first ride is so exciting. I've worked so hard for the past two years trying to just get to that first ride. 700 miles under saddle on my old mare that was considered pretty much all washed up (at 16 years young when I got her). I hope all goes well this weekend, and that above all she stays safe. I'm there for the experience, not as a viable competitor. Phebes will hopefully be my endurance horse. I would like to start her off in CTR for the great grounding experience she would get there. Those rides are far and few between in our region, but we will see.

***Wert*** if you happen by, my sincere thanks on the input on the horse's breeding. I think Phebes is not too badly put together to give the sport a try once her mind reaches "maturity". Most of all thank you for your words of encouragement, and tips for this very first ride (digging around, where did I put the Aleve???) Your advice is appreciated and taken to heart. If only I could ever get a horse where you have.... Now if you could only tell me how to get ALL THIS STUFF in the truck?

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