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July 24, 2007

OMG! ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!!!! We leave Friday!

I am seriously pumped up...wonder if I will sleep a wink on Friday night? Have decided to give Puddin' the rest of this week off except for some ground exercises, and maybe some light trotting in the front paddock area to keep her limber. Will do that tomorrow, give her all of Thursday off (except for a bath, grooming, trimming, spit shining : )

The weather for the ride is very iffy. Some call for rain, some for cloudy. Weather Gods....I'm praying on my knees (even the arthritic creaky one) for CLOUDS!

Tonight Puddin' and I practiced our trot in hand for which she was rewarded with a carrot, okay....I had a fanny pack FULL of carrots but who's counting?

I have to say I love this old horse. She has her little difficulties (spinning, pinching in her nose, and some days outright crankiness) but she's a great old gal. Endurance Granny (getting closer to being on than wishing)

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