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July 25, 2007

The failed

This is the hoof in question, you can see the chipped are at the center/left toe area. This bare hoof has done almost 300 miles this season, not a lot by endurance standards, but plenty for one old mare trying to get fit. The chip really "bugs" me. To boot or not to boot??? The boots have a tendency to dig into the side of the hoof even if I cover the cleats, wrap the hoof in vet wrap etc. I've also had a few instances of little vertical scuffs on the heel bulbs and have not used the boots over six miles yet. The hoof did look better the last time when I wrapped it in vet wrap prior to putting on the boot. The heel bulbs were fine that ride.

We did do a light ride today to keep Puddin's head in the game, but I didn't really push her. She is currently in the barn sucking down "glop" with a light dose of electrolyte added. I'm going to try and get all the fluid in her I can today and tomorrow, as she can be really finicky about the whole drinking thing. Tomorrow I won't ride her at all.


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