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July 18, 2007

Will attempt six miles of sustained trotting tonight

Now that we know the measurement of the trotting dirt track I am going to try to build Puddin's ability to trot for sustained periods of time. I know she can handle 10 laps which equals 3 miles without blowing, so I expect she is working aerobically? Just wish that I was working aerobically...after lap five I'm so winded I can barely hang on. I need to start getting at least thirty minutes of cardio in for myself 3 days per week somehow. I've thought about swimming as it wouldn't be so stressful on joints riddled with Osteoarthritis (that would be my knees, hips, and neck). Hoping my friend Barb can bring Georgie over tonight, Puddin' is always more relaxed with George in her rearview mirror. Plan to trot at least 3 miles, and shooting for 6 if the horses and I can handle the humidity. Total workout should be about 9 miles counting the hilly ride out to the track and back. We'll see how it goes. ~Endurance Granny

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