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July 6, 2007

We finally got back to the park and put some faster miles on the horses. We still aren't breaking any sound barriers, but the horses did some sustained trotting. We covered 12.6 miles in under three hours. The rocky creek beds really slowed us down. I also tried Puddin's Easyboot Epics for the first time. Pulled them after about three miles. Checked her over and the heel strap looked like it was chewing into the bulbs of her heels a little. Little vertical slits. No real injury but there would have been a mighty mess if I'd have just left them on. I'm thinking about cutting out those heel straps.

Puddin' pushed down the trail pretty good except for her usual aversion to mud. George kept up just fine, and I must say he is one trim and toned quarter horse! Most of the trail was dry so we got to really trot out. Puddin' only drank once at about the finish of 12 miles. Nor did she want to drink from her bucket of cold water, and when we got home she didn't drink. She ate at our midway break and when we finished. She cleaned up a flake of hay, her low carb feed, carrots, sunflower seeds, and a sprinkle of salt.

You should have heard the horses carrying on when I pulled in the drive this evening. They were screaming their heads off for Puddin!

Good conditioning ride ~Endurance Granny

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