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July 4, 2007

Our weather was uncertain so we worked here

We trotted six laps around the flat track, and galloped a field, then trotted all the flats on the way home. Puddin' was fat happy with the hose on mist, soaked her down good and put plenty of cold water over her legs and neck. It is near 90 degrees and very humid. Keeps threatening to rain, but is just not happening. Barb and I both have weekend obligations, so I think we are going to ride on Friday evening, haul to the park (barring rain) and attempt the X trail twice. Even if we only get it done once FAST I'll be happy.

Phebes to the best of my knowledge did not try to kill anything or anybody today. That is a GOOD thing : ) We are discussing dressage as a winter discipline for her and George. It would be good for her mind, if I can find an affordable trainer / class for us. It would also keep her fit over the winter months.

Ride on...~Endurance Granny

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