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July 21, 2007

Resting Pulse

I took Puddin's pulse after our ride last night. She was busy sucking down "glop" (Kent high performance low starch feed+beet pulp+water+diced carrots/apples). It was 42 bpm, I'm thinking that is pretty good. Last time I took it after a hard workout she pulsed down to the low 50's within ten minutes. I do have some concerns about what will happen when a stranger (vet) gets ahold of her though. She can smell a vet a mile down the road and just gets scared to death. It would be a shame if all her hard worked was skewed by fear of a stranger. She is such a sweet horse, but came to me with such a lack in confidence. This horse gives me all she has, and I always say she has a lot of "try".
Made my camping list for next weekend....I may need to borrow a semi trailer to haul it all. I've never really went camping....this should be an interesting adventure!

Haven't hardly touched Phebes this week, so I should probably saddle her up today and work on that.

Tomorrow Puddin' gets her hooves trimmed. I picked up a product called superfast to try on filling any little nicks or chips. I'm still having some difficulty with the hoof boots rubbing at the heel bulbs. I tried lining them with duct tape which was fine until she went into the water (doesn't take much imagination to figure out what happened there). I may have to just run barefoot. She can do it, just don't know what a vet will say about it. Not everyone believes in barefoot. Puddin' has almost 700 barefoot miles in the past year without a hitch. We'll see.

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