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July 23, 2007

The horses were really "off" yesterday

Our conditioning ride yesterday was not good. Neither horse had any go, and it was humid again. I'm still struggling with the Easy Boot Epics, trying to get the best fit. Looks like I'll have to use them as Puddin' chipped out a hunk on her toe and I just don't think that toe will hold up bare if we encounter any rock.

Puddin' was wanting to refuse to go forward, and was back to doing the spin thing where she just whirls to the left and stops. This can be from a trot or a dead gallop and it is all you can do to hang on when she does it, she doesn't give much warning, just BOOM!

Georgie didn't want to go either. His MO was to just halt, or ignore the signal to trot. Barb could eventually get him going, but keeping him going was the issue.

Are they tired? Sour on the trail?

I had switched pads yesterday and that was a mistake. Puddin' had some soreness over her right kidney area. She also was beside herself with the wind in her ears since I trimmed the hair out of them mistake #2.

Today I think I'll just work her up in the front lot, work on ground issues, and getting the faster walk, and maybe work around the barrels at a trot. Just something different to give her mind a rest from those hills out back. The trail is very challenging. Even though a circle is only six miles, the hills are exhausting. ~Endurance Granny (still a wanna be....five days to the first LD)

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