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July 20, 2007

Conditioning Ride Went Well Tonight

The humidity finally ... thank you God finally dropped. The horses rode tonight like it wasn't nothing. We lapped the trotting track nonstop 10-12 laps, I lost track somewhere along the way when I was worried about the barking dogs up on the hill coming down to eat Puddin'. Georgie Boy did fine, for a big husky quarter horse, I must say he does FINE. He rides his ride, and Puddin' rides hers. The cares of the day just drop away when I'm on the back of a horse. Cheaper than therapy too ***smile***

Met a lady online today that has a rocking hot horse, it has won so much stuff through NATRC it makes my head spin.

Wish Linda was in my neck of the woods, she would give me something to aspire to! She has an awesome horse and accomplishments to prove it.

Glad to see the weekend. Have to get Puddin's hooves all prettied up, the ride is NEXT WEEKEND!!!! ~Endurance Granny

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