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July 11, 2007

Last night was a wash!

I fitted Puddin' with her boots again last night. With the inserts in place the boot won't pull on, so I tried again without to see if the rubbing was just my not getting the boot seated properly. Oddly the boot that fits the sizing guideline is the one that is rubbing. The other boot on the round (moderate club) foot seats fine and doesn't rub. Go figure??? Anyway, we ride off in the boots and I can hear the right front going clip clop clip clop. The left front is just clop clop meaning it is staying put. We get out to the trotting track and the property owner who lets me ride there is present. He has mowed and Puddin' can now see a drainage pipe white PVC that before was covered in high grass. It is a horse eating drainage pipe of course. She can't concentrate on trotting as she is sure the pipe is going to eat her. Then we stop to talk to Mr. Gunter whom I am so grateful that he allows me to ride on his property (Gunter Excavating, Osgood Indiana). He is such a nice man. Without his generosity I would not have been able to get Puddin' in the shape she's in. Anyway, so Mr. Gunter leaves and we start to trot, and a sudden rain pops up. A SOAKER. I quickly discover that Easyboot Epics and muddy hills are not a good mix. Puddin' nearly goes down three times trying to get home and this is riding at the walk with caution. One slip she scrambles, hits her inside right leg with the left side boot and cuts herself on the screw. So I've learned two lessons...skip the easy boot on mud, ride barefoot, and if you are using easyboots, put some protective splint boots on your horse. We finally make it home soaked and dripping wet, which is when I discover she has cut her leg. We clean that, say a prayer that the tendon won't be bruised, put on some medication, and wrap the leg. All that and only 4 miles!!! The ride is three weeks away. Praying she won't develop a problem with the tendon as it is skinned with a small cut right over the tendon on the inside surface of her front right leg. The cut is small, but bruising is more of a worry for me. : ( ~Endurance Granny (older, wiser)

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