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July 13, 2007

My love & hate relationship with the Easyboot Epics!

Puddin' and I have spent most of the past week tweaking those boots for a better fit. I tightened the cables so I have to close the latching mechanism with the heel of my boot and use a hoof pick to unlatch it. I'm getting them on quicker now, still have to fight like heck getting them off, but that is better than worrying about them falling off. I'm still getting a little rubbing on bulbs of her heels on her right hoof. The slightly club foot is holding the boot fine and so far no rubs. That all sounds good, however, we have had two minor trip falls wearing the boots. Once in the mud and she cut her leg which is healing fine and did not present any lameness issues. Then she tripped over a log this week and I thought we were going DOWN. She scrambled and got her balance on the front end, then fell over the log with the back end and skinned her rear leg. She just wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. I do like how much more freely she is moving downhill wearing the boots, and her trot is slower with them, though she is wasting a lot of energy with the extra leg action.

What I like : She moves right out on the trail at the trot, and can sail through rock. So far they have stayed on.

What I don't like: the fitting issues, this boot should fit that hoof. The club foot should have been a problem fitting, not the NORMAL hoof. I also don't like how the sharp things inside the hoof dig into her hoof wall. I have the covers on them and still they dig in and gouge the hoof wall.

Giving some thought to upgrading to the 25 mile LD so that I can experience a "real" ride, vs. the novice thing. I want to dive into the experience and see what happens. I can always pull her if she has any trouble. May check into it. Think that may be more challenging, and fun as I will get to see open pace and we will be getting the vet checks prior, during, and after.

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