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June 9, 2007

Work & Trail Maintenance, setting our sites on our first ride

The past week or so has been so busy! I cut a new trail through the east edge of our woods, running south to the creek and across to make another access point for hitting the trails out back. We have a couple of miles of trails on our own place now that I will use to get Phebes going. Speaking of Phebes...we've ridden outside of the round pen, and today we went on our first short little trail ride. Big Cree led the way in his Old Mac's. He's recovering from a round of laminitis, but doing well. I asked Doug to take him because he is always so calm. WELL....NOT! But we managed. Phebes only bad moment was crossing the concrete slab over the creek. It drops off on both sides, and this is the place she pulled the lead through my hands a few weeks ago. I got the horn in one hand and gritted my teeth. She did rush a little, but was controlled enough to get her out of the bushes when all was said and done. On the way back I was more nervous about it as we were pointed for home and I was afraid she'd rush, then bolt for home. She walked over it like it was NOTHING. Woo hooooo Phebers! We continue to make progress, but we do still have some issues. She walks, trots, and steers quite fine now. However I just can't get her to canter. She will trot faster and faster and faster, and then gets cranky and acts up, which means I have to shut her down and start over and we never get past that point. Phebes horse a nality is such that if you push to agressively she is happy to give you a fight. She just plain gets spit in her eye at the sight of a training stick or riding crop. I've called a couple of clinicians trying to get someone to come out and evaluate her and give me some feedback on how to progress. So far no luck.

In the meantime Barb and I have been conditioning the horses for the Salamonie ride next month. Puddin has logged at least 140 miles getting ready for it and we have a long ride planned tomorrow if all goes well. Hoping Kim will come along with Bourbon (not the drink, her horse).

Keep riding! ~Endurance Granny

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