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June 4, 2007

Trail Maintenance

Didn't get into the saddle yesterday. Have been working on some trail maintenance issues on our place. We had a bad ice storm over the winter and there were a lot of downed tree limbs and trees for that matter. Doug took the chainsaw back and cut them up and we dragged them out of the way. I also cleaned the smaller limbs off of the trail so if we go through there at any rate of speed I don't have to worry about her getting jabbed by a sharp stick. Our trails are looking pretty good. Saturday evening Barb and I worked on trail maintenance off the property (neighbor's trails). We clipped off any projecting limbs that were at the horses eye level or we were having to duck under. We cleaned out our favorite trotting and cantering area, a nice flat section that is about a 1/2 mile straight stretch. No more ducking limbs! Woo hooo!!! The last time we cantered through there I was ducking, laying over Puddy's neck and screaming something along the line of holy sh*#! It was nice to just go flying through there without obstruction. We did leave a couple downed trees for the horses to hop over, but trimmed off any branches sticking out. In all about six people hours of clipping, sawing, and dragging. We eventually plan to do a night ride out there, so it will be much safer now.
Hoping to ride Phebes today (currently cooking up Posy Poke Soap in Citrus & Sage and Love Potion). Ride on...........~Endurance Granny

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