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June 10, 2007

We are getting there, Puddin' did 15 miles in 3hours20 minutes

It was the perfect day for our first long ride. Sunny, nice breeze, warm but not too warm. Our first loop was about eleven miles, plenty of nice flat areas to trot, and even galloped for awhile down the trail. Trail Y at the Versailles State Park has our version of a killer hill. The first time we tried to get the horses up that hill neither could make it and we had to dismount and walk them up. That was last year. Today both horses made it up and kept on going, it was fantastic! After trail X & Y we took a break, fed the horses, ate some lunch, then headed out to trail B to finish up the day's distance. George and Puddin' did great. We plan to do a couple fast rides this week and will try to get out Saturday for another long one. Was having trouble with Puddin' getting a dry spot on both sides of her wither so I held my breath and took a saw to her $130.00 Skito Pad. I sliced off the pad on both sides of the withers to make it thinner. The fix worked, no dry spots. The thickness of the inserts was too much and the tree was pinching off circulation. Shaving the foam down thinner did the trick. ~Endurance Granny

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