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June 11, 2007

Oh Phebers!

Tonight Phebes finally started catching on the back up. Beautiful arch neck, back lifting and stepping back. A little slow, but pretty and correct. We'll work on getting the boogie in her step. Did a little trotting, but mostly worked on bending, bending, and more bending and the back up. Some days I think there is hope....

Reserved our spot for the Salamonie Sizzler today. Have a very cheap tent on the way...if things get too wet I'll sleep in the truck or the trailer.

Calculated our speed for yesterday and we are just a little too slow yet. By about 1/2 mile per hour. Not sure how to work it out. Have posted to the CTR Message board on yahoo. Those folks usually are good about helping out. We are presently walking the downhills, not sure if trotting is a good idea. But that is where we are losing our speed. We have it going on when on the flats.

Ride with saddle, ride treeless, ride bareback....but keep ridin' ~Endurance Granny

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