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June 12, 2007

Speeding it up.........trying for that 6 mph pace

Took Puddin' on a single five mile loop tonight and just tried to reduce our time. It normally takes us an hour to do the loop, got it down to 45 minutes tonight and let me say, I had to really get her moving to do it. We galloped almost a half mile of it and trotted at least the remaining 75%. Only backed off for the steep downhills. Her pulse recovery after ten minutes was 42 bpm, which isn't bad if you consider the heat and humidity, and that this is the fastest we've done the five mile. Unfortunately mine is 124 bpm and holding after thirty minutes. You have to be darned physically fit to ride that pace! Reckon I need to start tailing up some hills, or maybe just flat walking my big butt up some hills? Geeeeeeeeeeeeesh!

Puddin' is barefoot and she developed a crack at the toe tonight. Doug is going to try and get her trimmed tomorrow and see if he can stop it from progressing. Her front boots are in the mail as of tomorrow. Then I will need to condition her to wearing them.

Reservations are made for the horse camp primitive site as Salamonie Reservoir for the Sizzler. Ride entry goes out this weekend. Hoping Jonnie can come along, it would be a great time. Can't wait to see the horses that do the fifty mile!!! I'm so excited (now if I can just get my pulse rate down).

My riding tights came today. They are Kerrits and the softest things I've ever had on my body. Nice suede knee patches, and a v neck top to go with it. They are charcoal grey. Would like to get another set for training rides, we'll see.

Past my bed time...have to shower and get some sleep. Another work day tomorrow. Heart be still. ~Endurance Granny

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