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June 19, 2007

Puddin' just keeps gaining condition

She has fallen into a pattern of galloping for some pretty good stretches now, in between trotting. When the horses start blowing we back off and walk them until respirations are normal, and then resume trotting. It is working pretty well so far. We did two laps of our normal conditioning trail tonight. At a good walk that would take close four hours, we covered it in two hours with a rest stop of ten minutes at the watering hole for the horses. I'm thinking an average speed of 5 miles per hour, a little under "endurance" pace, but not bad considering how rugged the terrain is on our training loop. We sure weren't doing 5 mph on the flats! WOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE are we flying. I'm not sure how fast Puddy goes at a gallop but let me tell you we are moving on. She is getting more used to me, and me her. The entire balance situation is better. I have a way I do things that is not conventional, but it works for us.

We did have a little excitement this evening when three young turkeys came flapping across the path while we were at the extended trot. I was almost unseated, and my cohort Barb left a skid mark in the her fanny will be sore tomorrow. I'll give her credit for having the grit to just climb right back on and hit the trot again. She's tough, that one.

Not sure that Kim is going to do the ride with us. Hoping she will change her mind. Her little 18 year old mare Bourbon has some go! All she needs is some consistent conditioning and that horse would kick butt!

I've been at it for fifteen and half hours today, time to call it a night. Have irises to dig tomorrow. ~Endurance Granny

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