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June 22, 2007

Heat, humidity, and Puddy burn out

We headed out last night, and Puddin' just didn't have any go. Her cohort George was whipped too after the first lap. George gave up and quit and Puddin' managed to finish but it was a very poor performance. The heat and humidity were bad. After FOREVER with no rain, we did get a few showers today. The pastures are in really bad condition from the midwest lack of rainfall. We have started supplementing with hay, but have yet to track down a source to replenish what we are now using so we don't fall short this winter.

Phebes is in heat and has turned once again into the "HELL BITCH". She has her tail about rubbed raw, is pushy and irritable. No work is not a good thing for Phebes, hoping now that the worst of the iris digging and packing is out of the way....we can ride.

Plan to hit one of the parks this weekend. ~Endurance Granny

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