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June 17, 2007

Picking up speed

Puddin' is picking up speed, but let me tell riding style is lacking. It is cue her up to canter and hold on like heck! This old mare is conditioning up really nice and she can FLY. We gallop up hills and trails that most people would just set back and shake their heads. Hoping to get to Liberty for our next trail ride. It has a nice stretch of flats for extended trotting sessions. Maybe on the weekend. This week training is slotted again for Tuesday and Thursday. The heat and humidity is making it tough though and we have to really cool down the horses, sponge them and walk them. I keep waiting for someone to come sponge me down! Bring on the water hose, something.

Phebes is recovering from her conjunctivitis, so hoping to get back on getting her riding. She's done pretty well considering what little time I've had to spend with her. This week I'm lifting and shipping irises, so it will be a tight time schedule again.

Tomorrow I need to weigh in with all of my tack and the entries go out Wednesday. BE AFRAID......BE VERY AFRAID ~Endurance Granny

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