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June 30, 2007

Bogged down, health issues, rain and mud, so...

Puddin' has the eye issue back. Treated it last night. I'm not sure the old girl can hold up to the stress of conditioning in our heat and humidity. We'll see. We are only 28 days from ride day....hoping to ride Phebes today and get her a bath, she is just greasy dirty. Her mane which is mostly white really needs a deep cleaning down to the roots. Will try to get that done today and get some riding in on her. Wish I could develop some trust in her, but feel like I'm playing with a powder keg of T-N-T, especially outside of the round pen when the steering goes stiff, and it is obvious her brain isn't engaged with me, but tracking its own set of rules. I just really don't want to get hurt in this process. I REALLY don't want to get hurt. Job is going well for me, not a lot of money, but nice people to work with which means a lot. But she needs riding and I'm the only old body willing to do it. We'll keep trying ~Endurance Granny

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