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June 2, 2007

Another Granny has joined the Endurance Wanna be's....

Three of us now are hitting the trails out back. Barb, Kim, and I are hoping to join forces and build these horses up. Can't say how much fun we've been having and Kim's horse is a match for old Puddin', 18 years old and does she ever have some GO TO her! Puddin' did 7 miles last night and hoping to do at least that many tonight. That will get her three rides in this week. Hoping next weekend to do another 15 mile ride. Here at home we are trying to speed up on the flats and some of the hills, still walking and probably will continue to walk those downhills. Will probably give Puddin' the day off tomorrow and work with Phebes some more. Was hoping to have progressed a little more with her, but there just isn't enough of the Endurance Granny to go around some days. After tilling the iris beds (41 rows) in the heat, and then tossing 200 bales of hay off the truck to Doug I had to just crash for a few hours this afternoon. Gotta go! Time to catch up Puddin' and get her saddled up. ~Endurance Granny

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