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May 21, 2007

Working with Phebes on some De-Spooking

We used a black umbrella today. Open close Open close Open close, sounds like a bird flapping and somewhat visually disturbing to say the least! After an initial little freak out, she did pretty well. Got her to follow me as I opened and closed it and rubbed it all over and under her. Then we used a big sheet of cardboard, and a feedbag. So if I meet any umbrella carrying feed salesman out on the trail I reckon we have that covered....she still crosses the bridge several times a week and that is really ho hum for her.

Canter Phebes! Just canter without trying to kill the Endurance Granny's old wrinkled body....trot the circle counter clockwise without tipping your head the wrong way, on the wrong lead, flex your neck, don't stiffen up. I must be dreaming in broad daylight. ~Endurance Granny

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