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May 20, 2007

12 miles conditioning for Puddin', still working with Phebes

Had to spend a week in job training so getting to the horse stuff has been challenging. Did get Puddin' out on the trail twice this week for about a twelve mile total (estimated).

Phebes is cropping up with more issues as we go along. Attempting to bite when I mount. Stiffening up on her right side as if she's concrete and has no flexibility, blowing me off to eat grass, refusing to let me mount and taking off once today.

I've called a trainer and will try to have him out for a day to help me work through some of the issues that are cropping up.

Did get her out of the roundpen and rode her around the lot a little, but I was SCARED to death! I'll bet that was really helpful....~Endurance Granny

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