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May 13, 2007

23 Conditioning miles, stepping up the pace a little...

This week has been the usual adventure. Rode Puddin' two 5-mile rugged trail conditions twice this week and then a 13 mile ride yesterday. We did 7 miles at a good trotting pace, stepping back to the walk when the horses needed it. The rest was done slow as the second half was hilly. I also parted ways with Puddin' yesterday and did a rather not so graceful flying dismount when she launched up a very steep bank before I was ready. Usually she stops and sizes things up which gives me a chance to prepare (hang on), she went, I didn't! She was good enough to stop and look down on me with a perplexed expression on her face...what are YOU doing DOWN there??? Oh....just checking the undergrowth Puddin'! Actually didn't hurt too bad, just wrenched my foot a little coming out of the stirrup.

Phebes is still working in the round pen, can't seem to push her past where I'm at without some issues (ie. bucking at the canter). She will canter clockwise okay and will whoa on a verbal cue, but try counter clockwise and Phebe's alter ego (Sybil) shows up and we have trouble. I've survived the bucking episodes so far but today some how the waist band of my pants got hooked over the horn while she was having a little melt down and I thought my goose was cooked. Got myself unwrangled but bet I'll have a whopper of a bruise on my gut. I'd still like to get a trainer in even if it is for a day to assist me. Seems like if I get her to learn something, it sticks really well. It is the getting there part that is difficult with Phebes.

What are those biting insects that are going after the horses udders? My God they are vicious! This is the first season I've noticed them being a problem. If you are reading and your know, write to me! ~Endurance Granny

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