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May 6, 2007

11.5 conditioning miles

Hauled Puddin' and George to the park today and rode trails A + B for a total 11.5 miles moderate difficulty, some hills, and a little faster on the flats. The riding aspect of it went well, but Puddin' for whatever reason isn't liking the trailer. She actually refused to load for the first time ever and that was to go home! So I don't know....gonna have to figure something out. Have had no time to work with Phebes at all. The new job is not panning out to be what it was supposed to be. I'm scheduled every day for the next two weeks, and this was supposed to be only two days a week with an occasional fill in, so much for getting Phebes under saddle. In fact, if I'm going to ride at all, the laundry will have to sit, the yard, the dishes, and it is the beginning of iris season so there are the beds to care for...when? People out there have lives...I'm almost sure of it. I'm at the place in my life when I'd like to have mine. ~Endurance Granny

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