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May 1, 2007

7.5 Conditioning miles/Puddin More training for Phebes

Puddin' headed back to the park on Sunday for some conditioning miles. She's coming back pretty strong and toning up much faster than last year. We've been doing the 7.5 mile loop, hope to increase her mileage over the next month and make a practice run to Henryville to check out the trail there.

Phebes is still coming along under saddle. We are good at the walk and trot but still haven't had a helper to work on the canter. Phebes is not at all energetic like her mommy, it is work to keep her moving and she tends to get that "sour" look on her face when asked to speed up. If she only knew....

Planning on attending the OATTS Clinic in Ohio this weekend. Speak to some folks first hand about endurance riding.
~Endurance Granny

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