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April 26, 2007

Phebes/ Monday was NOT a good day

I've been working Phebes and she's gotten consistent within the confines of the round pen. I decided to take her outside the pen to our back acreage and see if her respect issues were under control enough that I could get a response outside of the pen. To make a long story short...NO. I tried a simple concrete bridge crossing, and she ended up bolting, ripping the leadline from my hands, twisting my wrist as I tried my best to hang on. She was caught easily enough, but then we had to go back across the bridge again to get home, and she did the same thing again. So inadvertantly I've taught her to pull the lead from my hand, and that she is stronger than I am which I'd thought to avoid at all costs. This filly is just not a good prospect for a beginner, green rider, blah blah blah. It would take about $1600 to send her to a qualified trainer for three months, which would be my choice were I working enough hours. Any qualifed human who wants a free project/learning experience (trust me on this one) give me a call. Or email me at : In the meantime I've started the new job and will have to spend a week in training myself for that. That is the news for this week ~Endurance Granny

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