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April 17, 2007

Still riding Phebes, working on bending.

Phebes is very light to the right, and very heavy on the bridle to the left. We walked and trotted today and she was fine, just some pretty stiff steering to the left. I'm going to try working with that on the ground some more, and then follow through under saddle. My best riding buddy Barb is going to come out and help me so I have back up when I try to canter Phebes. I've had a terrible time getting up the nerve to do this, and until I get past it, I'm stuck! I thought she did pretty well though. I've not had any trouble getting her stopped so far. The test will be stopping speeded up. I do like she's catching on to the backup.

Showers expected tomorrow, so I reckon she'll get a day off.

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