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April 16, 2007

Oh how I love SUNSHINE....Oh PHEBES.........!!!!

Well --- we are back at it again. She crosses that bridge like a trooper now, all directions. I can do all sorts of evil things with the jumbo hypodermic syringe, and I saddled her and rode her at the walk today. Just worked on backing up, and flexion to the right and left, since I had no back up here if I make one of those "unplanned" dismounts...

Had a second interview today for a job in the human services sector. The ladies were all nice in that office. Hours would be Tuesday and Thursdays, which would give me one more day to fill through the week if I can find it. Still haven't heard about the job in Human Resources at the trucking company.

Phebe's saddle hasn't come in yet. I am hoping for it to show up here this week. We are doing alright with the other one, but before I push her at the trot, and ask for a canter I want either an emergency strap, or a horn to keep me from wanting to pull back on the reins if the going gets tough. The "plan" is to push her forward if she acts up rather than just stop her. Of course if things get to crazy I may rethink that plan a little.

Have oat and goat soap samples curing...that is it for today ~Endurance Granny

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