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April 21, 2007

Testing, testing, this is only a test!

I've been riding Phebes every day since the sun started shining. Whew! We have so much to work out before we can leave that round pen. I was very happy for the confines of the round pen today as Phebes decided finally to test me, took her a little running bucking fit, but she didn't get to go but about three good strides and she was on the panel of the pen. I had a momentary panic, as I was afraid she'd wipe me off on the panel, but got back my presence of mind for a one rein stop and that was the end of that, and back to work we went. On the one hand I was disappointed that she pulled her little stunt, and on the other, I felt a great sense of gratification that I was able to "hang" with it, and not get unloaded. I've a feeling as demands increase we will have a few of these episodes to work out. I was so glad to have the saddle with the horn to brace one hand against. If I'd have been in the endurance saddle she probably would have unloaded me and that would have set a very bad precedent! Phebes work sessions are being limited to an hour right now. She just doesn't keep her focus much longer than that and is working at carrying my Endurance Granny wide load plus saddle. She's a little horse, so in fairness we need to build up to longer sessions a little at a time. We're keeping at it. Have not rode Puddin' for a couple of weeks, plan to take her to the park tomorrow, first trip in the trailer pulling a horse. Wooooooooohooooooooooo! Have my US Rider insurance and packing up to go.

Last but not least, I have landed a J-O-B!!! Start my new position this Tuesday. The job is in the Human Services sector so I can feel like I'm at least helping in some capacity again in my life. It is part-time, enough to survive on for the moment, but I have some other plans in mind....for making some extra money.~Endurance Granny

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