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April 11, 2007

Rain....rain....and guess what? More Rain!

I am beginning to wonder what Phebes is doing out at the barn at night...wondering if she has a book of incantations buried under the poop pile on the left corner of her stall. The more adamant I become at wanting to get this thing done the more the weather here works against me (and the more I eat cheese cake, fig newtons, and chips & dip). The rate I'm going I'll have to hitch the Phebes up to a cart to pull my fat Endurance Granny butt around so she won't buckle at the knees! Training is out today, as the round pen and front lot are a slick slimy ball of mud. I did get her out last night and worked at the bridge a little more. She planted all four feet on it and stood after about a minute of trying, maybe less. Took her in the round pen with hypodermic the BIG ONE and worked at that too. I hold it in the air like a psycho on the other side of the shower curtain, her eyes get HUGE and off we go! Soon as she stops she gets stabbed with it (no needle in it folks) I pinch her, and then she gets a treat. She is getting better about it, but I want her not to get big eyes at all and to be pretty ho hum about the process before vaccination time in a week or two. Vaccinations last year were no picnic! She nearly broke a needle off in herself jumping around. That needle looked like a U turn on state route 50! Hoping for better things this I purchased the jumbo syringe from hell, I figure if she can get over that big sucker coming at her, the little itty bitty syringe will be a picnic. (whistling in the dark) ~Endurance Granny

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