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April 10, 2007

Out of the frigid temps and back to ground work...

I wish I knew what it is with Phebes. You make good progress for awhile and then a really worrisome behavior that you think you've taken care of will crop up and you are set back again. Beautiful day out today so I worked with her on the wooden bridge, which took about five minutes to get all four feet up on today. However she did try pushing into me once to move me off her space which is not good, and she open mouth attempted to bite me while I was backing her up using the training stick. I don't know what her thing is with that stick but it makes her GOD AWFUL MAD. So I felt I had no choice except to back her more vigorously which she did with her ears pinned back, but she finally did stop, lick, and chew. My filly needs an expert horse trainer and an expert I AM NOT. Anyway, I'm thinking if she is still willing to push on me, and attempt to bite me, should I really be working under saddle? The answer is probably not. At this point she will side pass on the rail both directions on a long line, she will back up on cue without a line at all, and she will pivot without a line. To move her haunches usually requires she be on a line, and some motivation either by tapping with the stick (mad again and may kick out) or with the end of the rope swinging which doesn't tick her off near as badly. She understands the cues for walk, trot, canter, and back pretty well, and NO DAMMIT should be firmly attached to her brain cells at this point. I'm stuck! Don't know which direction I should be going with her. I can say she has some great muscle tone at this point.

Maybe I'll just practice with the hypodermic.....yeah, that sounds like a plan. Hoping to be back in the saddle with Puddin' tomorrow God willing and the sun still shines. ~Endurance Granny

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