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April 10, 2007

Lay off time for Phebes and back to the bridge

Phebes had about six days off with the ground frozen over once again, temperatures in the 20's and a wind that would just cut right through your coat (or your fur that has halfway shed out because of previous 80 degree temperatures). The lay off made her pretty snotty. She's attempted to bite me, and Sunday I saddled her and walked her in the round pen, trotted a little, but her body language was telling me she'd like to pull something, so I worked on flexion with the reins attached to the sidepull. You might say I just weenied out, but I didn't have being thrown from a horse on my agenda Sunday. In younger days I'd have given her a hard squeeze and HUNG ON. Then you hit thirty, forty, your mind kicks into self-preservation as you realize, "this could really hurt" and "I could not walk away this time".

Yesterday at least the sun was shining and the wind was not so bad. We did a little ground work which she was pretty cranky over, and attempted the dreaded wooden bridge again. It took only seven minutes to get her standing with all four feet on the bridge. So Phebes isn't STUPID, she retained the lesson from the previous week which took two hours.

Next project is I've got to get back on desensitizing with the jumbo hypodermic syringe again. We have to get vaccinations done soon, and Phebes and Puddin' are just really bad about it. You'd think we were going to saw their heads off with a coping saw they get so worked up. Big Cree just stands there, doesn't even flinch when he gets an injection...hmmm...wonder who trained him *LOL*

Puddin' is about recovered from her latest bout of uveitis. Hoping to get her back on the trail soon, of course the weekend forecast is for rain and more rain.

Ride on ~Endurance Granny

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