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April 7, 2007

The Endurance Granny is out of commission

The temperatures have dropped from 80 degrees to the low 20's. My crop of irises are probably frozen, and Phebes had shed out most of her winter coat. I decided not to work her on the hard frozen ground, besides not wanting to get her all sweated up in this cold. So she is getting a break. I also am out of commission as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia are not happy with the drop in temperatures. As the mercury climbs next week, I'll start with her again. Our last session was on the wooden bridge. It took TWO HOURS to get her to stand on it with all four feet and not panic and jump or run off of it. Horse training is HARD, people who are good at it are worth the big bucks they get paid. Puddin' is also getting time up as she has a flare up of Uveitis. She is currently on a daily dose of Banamine and a topical eye ointment. She's improving and should be trail worthy by the first half of next week. ~ The Endurance Granny.

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