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April 2, 2007

Phebes training on the wooden bridge

Yesterday we worked on walking over a wooden bridge. I took her out of the round pen on a long line. She didn't want to cross the bridge and she started pushing on me really bad. So we spent about thirty minutes just working that out AGAIN. It took probably an addition forty-five minutes to act right on the bridge. She wanted to run over it rather than stand on it. It finally occurred to me to make it much more work to be on the other side of it. Eventually I got her to stand on it with all four feet. It took both Doug and I to work it out. Was one of those really rough days when you wonder why WHY???? you ever got horses. We all lived through it, though all of us were tired when all was said and done. Doug and I often differ on when we should "quit" a session. When he's tired he's ready to quit. I want to finish what I started even if it means I'm out there until who knows? Especially with Phebes because she has the temperment to pack you up and have you for lunch if you let her. I usually have patience with her EXCEPT when she starts invading my personal space like she did yesterday. Since she injured Doug last year I just feel that if she pushes, I'm going to push back HARD. If she minds her manners life is good, if she does not she is going to work and move those feet like she's never done before. Glad yesterday is over and today is another day. ~Endurance Granny

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