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March 5, 2007

Yesterday Was Disappointing

I wish I knew why Phebes can be so rank and aggressive. We make some headway and then something will happen that tells me I'm still on the bottom of the pecking order with her. Yesterday my husband needed to make a repair in the fence, and she is a pest when you are trying to get any work done. So I haltered her and tied her up so he could get the repair done. As soon as I started to walk away she spun and let go with both hind feet trying to kick me. I had my rope in hand and was able to back her off. It is just so disappointing that I can't seem to gain any ground with her. I really do not want hurt by this horse, and she had already done permanent damage to my husband (last February). The spring thaw honestly can not come fast enough here. My desire has always been to salvage her, it seems that you have to be on high alert at all times handling her. There are days that she does better and I start to believe that she will be alright, then there are the days like yesterday, when it seems she will never be a horse to trust. It snowed yet again yesterday, winds cold and blustery. In fact, down right frigid standing out in the breeze. I'm going to check the footing in the round pen today. See if there are any patches of ice or slick areas. Phebes is my endurance prospect, but she has many miles to go as far as training and handling. Many, many, miles to go.

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