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March 1, 2007

Phebes is showing some progress

I've been trying to give Phebes some time every day that weather allows. We've had ice storms, snow, now thunderstorms and mud, mud, and more MUD. By altering her barn / stabling routine her stall kicking has been reduced. She really does not like confinement, but I feel that she needs to dry out at night, and let her hooves dry from the wet mud. It just can't bee good for her to stand in fetlock or deeper mud all of the time. I've continued to work on yielding and we are starting to work with the training wand. She hates that thing and gets all over emotional when she even sees it. So I'm trying to reinforce that it isn't going to eat her alive. She is not a believer at this point, but we'll just keep hammering along at it. My dialy mantra is "spring, spring, wherefore art thou spring?"

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