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February 28, 2007

Phebe's has wheels

February 26th, 2007 will be a date to remember in this household. After three job lay offs, and a wait of almost three years, a two horse slant rolled into the drive. Phebe's new buggy is a 2002 Pro Stock, bumper pull, white, floor is in great shape, had been converted to a straight load, but on day two I switched it back over to a slant. There is no tack room, but I believe there is enough space in the nose that I can have something built in and secured. It came with a 20 gallon water tank which will help when Puddin' is my ride, since she is a water snob. It must be clean, cool (not warm, not cold) and chlorinated or that arab ain't drinkin'!

Phebes has been introduced to the outside of the trailer and she was initially very hesitant, but after two laps around the thing she was touching it with her nose and tasting the tires (which are brand new). The trailer was a gift from my step-dad and Mom, it is the best thing EVER! The Endurance Granny will not only ride again, but I'll do it somewhere else...wooooweeeeeeeeeeeee!

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