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March 8, 2007

Two Good Days Back to Back!!! Woo hoo!

Phebes has done well her last two training sessions. She had one melt down yesterday over the training stick but I think I got her through it. Was smacking that thing pretty hard on the ground and she was standing still, licking, and chewing. She is still pretty resentful about the back up from the ground. She is cooperative, but at times sluggish about it. I'd like her to be a little more snappy about her responses. I'll just keep at it.

Yesterday was our first really "spring-like" day. Temperatures were up enough that a light jacket was enough and noticed Phebes is starting some major shedding. Today is another nice dry sunny day but will be taking a family member to the hospital for surgery. Doubt I can get any work done with her until the weekend now. Will try to brush her out good this evening and get rid of some of the loose hair. It is hoof trimming time again too, so that is also on the agenda for this weekend.

I was reading on Ride Camp (I love Ride Camp) that the multiple crosses to Raffles in her pedigree may be a good thing as far as distance riding goes. She is put together much different than her mommy that is for sure. Puddin' has one of those wind mill trots that is interesting to watch (think park horse) and showy, but no picnic to ride as you feel like you are launching to the moon from the impulsion. Phebes trot is really "quiet", her hoof stays pretty straight, without a lot of lift or wasted motion. Just a little more animated than our paint horse. My theory is her trot should be easier to post and sit. My aching bones surely hope so.....~Endurance Granny

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