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March 9, 2007

Phebes and more Phebes

Spring is creeping in, had three training sessions with the Phebers! Well what a difference it made in handling her feet. Today, for the first time EVER she stood still and did not try to kick while having her hooves groomed. I had a round pen session first, then we trimmed. It was like having a new horse, a horse I've never met! I did scratch all her itchy places while Doug (barefoot trimmer) worked on her hooves. Her back hooves had not grown in eight weeks, the front really needed a good trim, but we had to wait until she could be safely handled. I am cautiously pleased with the progress made. If the weather is nice next week I think the new trailer will get hooked up to the truck and I'll start working on loading and unloading with her. Probably will need to spend an afternoon working at that one. If I can just get her in and relaxed, that will be a good start. Also noticed that her withers that reached the cleft of my chin last spring now is level with my nose, so she's added about an inch in height, and not yet three. I may just end up with 15 hands when all is said and done.

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