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March 14, 2007

Tuesday went well...

I'm so happy to see a string of good days for Phebes. We have so much desensitizing yet, as she has been exposed to very little. She's okay with the tarp and the rubber ball, it is real things she needs, creeks, hills, critters.... She again walked, trotted, and cantered with her saddle on. She was a little "goosey" a few times but did not resort to bucking which is such an improvement. It rained this morning and the footing in the pen is a little wet. Have to drive to Cinci to the vet today for our dog Molly so Phebes will get the day off. I'm trying to get her to act more joined up. She gives it to me in the setting of the round pen, but still wants to blow me off outside of the pen. I don't think I've been granted leadership as yet, at least not fully, which is what it will require. She is so strong willed.

Rode Puddin' again yesterday, hope to have her legged up over the next six weeks or so. She was very fit last summer. Puddin' is a wee bit FAT this spring, and she has so much energy she's a handful to contain. My plan is to ride her off alone each day that I can to work out her barn sourness at present. Needing to get her out of hearing range of the other two calling for her.

If life goes well, hoping to have the trailer licensed and ready for the road by next week. Would like to spend some half days at the park with Puddin' start those long slow muddy rides. Still have to pick up her park pass and mine too.

~Endurance Granny

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