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March 12, 2007

Spring is here....Whoa Puddin' !!!

After I finished up with Phebes today thought I'd go limber up Puddin', as she will hit the trails again this year. Puddin' will be 18 years young this June, but nobody has told her. All I can say is thank goodness for one rein stops! She still has her zippity doo dah!!! We only rode about a mile, just a gentle warm up to start the season. If it is nice tomorrow I'll try to double it, and start moving on from there. Phebes was great at the barn tonight. Brushed out her mane and tail, she stood there nicely. Put a mineral block in her stall, she was working at that and her salt tonight. During her work out today I kept watching for her to get sweaty, Lord knows I was sweating....she never did really except for just under the neoprene girth. She was energetic enough that when I let her out she went and her a nice gallop around the field. Maybe she gets that energizer bunny stuff from Puddin?

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