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March 12, 2007

Ground Work

The Phebes did well again today. It seems she has more of an attention span than she used to have. I did some at liberty work in the round pen, and then put her on a long line. She made her changes of direction fine and didn't have any major blow ups. We tried driving for the first time. It was a first for her, and a first for me, things were a little "sticky" at first, but we finally got it going at the walk both directions and making some turns. Saddled her up and got my foot into the stirrup and lay over the saddle from each side. She was a little perplexed but tolerated the procedure well. We probably practiced one thing or the other for about an hour and a half. A really good session.

Yesterday Doug and I made the drive to Kentucky to meet my future distance riding partner, Jonnie, and her two horses Frankie and Vegas. Frankie is a cute, very fine boned 4 year old arabian taken from PMU breeder mares. I was glad to see she landed in such good hands. Vegas is a very sweet natured quarter horse and that boy is big! The both had a barefoot trim from Doug. It was a nice afternoon. Meeting new friends and new horses always is.

*****Dolly, if you happen to stop in, please email me what ever advice you can give concerning getting on for the first ride. I'm having trouble getting over my trepidation to just DO IT. ~Endurance Granny

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