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March 28, 2007

Rained Out Today

Looks like no training will get done today. Puddin' needs the day off to rest up anyway after all those hills yesterday. Phebes woke up on the wrong side of the barn this morning, she was in a very foul temper. She is either coming into heat or having a "hissy" over the rain, this horse HATES RAIN. She greeted me this morning with her ears penned back, and her snooty nose in the air when I tried to touch her. So the girls appear to have been granted a day of rest and relaxation under the lean to with a bale of hay. The only horse on the place in a good humor was Big Cree, Doug's horse. He was the Romeo that he always is, in your pocket, wanting kisses, a big old smoooooooooooozer. (He is hardly ever worked and has little to get cranky about except when dinner is late). Hug your horses....have a great day! ~Endurance Granny

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