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March 27, 2007

Puddin today's mileage 6.67 miles

Puddin' logged her training miles today. 6.67 miles of rugged terrain 1 1/2 hours total ride time. Average speed 4.4 mph not a bad speed for the walk. We did have our share of excitement though...spent some of that time pulling back fallen tree limbs from the trail, and bagging up beer cans as I found them. On our farthest edge of the loop we were met by three german shepherds that were somewhat threatening (I say anything more than one is a pack!), I just turned her toward them and started pushing them back. That worked until three geese decided to pitch a hissy fit! The geese started flapping and honking, the dogs barking, and Puddin' spinning (that is probably where the .67 came in). The dogs finally headed back into the woods, the geese heading to parts unknown, and me hanging onto the mane of one nearly melted down arab...but I got her settled in again and we started the loop that heads back. Several brushy areas she had to walk through and one of those really upset her, so we set to doing it until she walked through it calmly. Took about eight trips back and forth. Puddy's tired, I'm tired. Still have laundry and dishes to contend with. Good ride. ~Endurance Granny

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