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March 21, 2007

First solo at the the round pen.

Saddled Phebes up this morning and put her through her normal "drill", then climbed on. It was a little sticky getting her to move forward, but finally I did my flicking her with the rein, as the verbal cue wasn't getting me anywhere. We made a few walking laps of the pen both directions, and I bent her to a stop and that was enough for the day. Will be glad to get a helper out here so I can try to get her going at the trot. Footing is too wet out there again to even try it anyway right now. She did good. Kept her ears perked forward or in radar mode. Her walk was pretty slow, but I'm sure she is perplexed at this point. It beats the alternative of rushing, bucking, and rearing, all I can do WITHOUT.

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